New look, new me?

So I was loving the new look I had. It felt so rejuvenating and for some reason I actually felt like a new person. For so many years, I let my hair define me and I thought I had to have long hair (for whatever reason). The fact that I cut all my hair off and felt good about it afterwards was life changing for me. I played the song “I am not my hair” over and over because that’s how I truly felt. It was such a great feeling being able to wake up and not worry about how I was going to do my hair. That’s the biggest thing I miss about my big chop. Now although I didn’t have much hair, questions still arise about what I would do with it. This was my first time being fully “natural”. I didn’t know what products to use, how often I should wash my hair, how to style it, etc. Then it dawned on me that being “‘natural” was way harder than getting perms.

Thanks for reading xoxo

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