“Natural” vs perms

When I got perms, dealing with my hair was a breeze. It was straight and I didn’t have to do anything to it. I would comb it down and go about my day and at night would wrap it and go to sleep. But when I went natural, it seems like I was open to another realm of hair life. I will say though, before I went “natural”, I never had to do my hair. I always went to a hairstylist (a family member) and got it done. So I had to deal with doing my hair all on my own (I didn’t want them doing my hair). I did a bunch of research on the Internet and was trying to figure out what products were good for “natural” hair. Then I found out there were different grades of “natural” hair. So that was an issue because I wasn’t sure what grade of hair I had. Everything was so overwhelming and I thought to myself “wow, who knew being “natural” was this hard”. For whatever reason I thought being “natural” was going to be so much easier. Boy was I wrong.

Thanks for reading xoxo

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