“Natural” hair types

Everyone knows when you’re “natural” you always get the “what’s your hair type”. Most of us don’t even know what the hair types are. So I’ll inform you. The hair types vary from Type 1-Type 4. Many “naturals” are usually Type 3-4 (of course that’s not always the case). Type 3 hair is mainly curly while Type 4 hair is kinky/coily. I’ve known some people with Type 4 hair that has received backlash because of how tight their coils/kinks are. I believe it has something to do with everyone praising loose curls (Type 3 hair), so those who have Type 4 hair feel like their coils/kinks aren’t good or pretty enough because no one really gives Type 4 hair any credit. I wish more people would not divide naturalistas by what grade of hair they have. We are all “natural” and should come together as one. I love all types of “natural” hair because it just shows how unique our hair is.

Personally, I believe I am a mixture of Type 3 and 4. Some areas of my hair have loose curls while other areas have tighter coils.

This is a picture of my hair with no product

And this is a picture of my hair months ago with product

I love my “natural” hair and I wouldn’t want it any other way. When you love and take care of your hair, it shows.

Thanks for reading xoxo

2 thoughts on ““Natural” hair types

  1. Renee says:

    Hello my name is Renee and I love your blog thank you for doing this keep up the good work…. I have natural hair to but I don’t know my type of curl pattern I would love to get information from you you probably can help me looking forward to the next blog

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Renee! Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it! I hope I can help you with your natural journey. Thank you for reading. Make sure you subscribe to get emails when I make new posts 😊


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