Wash Day πŸ˜…

Before I was “natural”, I never put much thought into washing my hair. I would just wash my hair, condition it, blow dry it, then flat iron it. Simple. It would only take 30 minutes maybe an hour at the most. But when I went “natural”, everything was completely different. I literally have to plan when I will wash my hair. I have to make sure I have hours of free time in the day, make sure I don’t have school or work and that I don’t plan on going anywhere that day. I literally have to have a whole day off just to wash my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love washing my hair. I just never would’ve thought it would be so time-consuming. I prefer wash and go’s so a wash day for me consists of: shampooing my hair 2-3 times, a hot oil treatment w/q-redew steamer (15-20 min), deep condition w/q-redew steamer (30 min), leave in conditioner, oil, then styling product (LOC method). After I apply my styling product, I finger rake it through my hair (which takes me an hour to do) and then let it air dry.

These are pictures of my hair after I apply my styling product.

As you can see, my curls are loose when my hair is wet and when it dries, it coils up like the picture below that I’ve previously posted.

Feel free to comment what your wash day consists of 😊

Thanks for reading xoxo

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