The shrinkage is real

Most, if not all, naturalistas have shrinkage. Shrinkage usually happens to the naturalistas that have curly/coily/kinky texture (Type 3-4). It’s when your hair shrinks it’s appearance. For instance, your hair may be longer when wet, but when it dries it shrinks. It can be really challenging to accept shrinkage if your hair is shoulder, bra strap or mid-back length when it’s wet and a TWA when dry (crazy right?!). Yes we would all love for our “natural” hair to stay the same length whether it’s wet or dry, but that’s not reality. Shrinkage is actually a good thing. It’s a sign that you have healthy hair. Some naturalistas embrace their shrinkage (wearing wash & go’s). On the other hand, some naturalistas limit the amount of shrinkage they have by banding their hair, blow drying their roots, twist/braid outs, etc. Now I’m not saying everyone should embrace their shrinkage, because we all like our hair to look a certain way. I’m just informing you that all though we may not always like shrinkage, it’s not a bad thing and it’s inevitable. I personally think it’s amazing that your hair can be perceived one way, yet be totally different another day depending on the style you choose.

Feel free to comment how you feel about shrinkage.

Thanks for reading xoxo

4 thoughts on “The shrinkage is real

  1. Renee says:

    I do experience shrink when I wash my hair and twist it but after a couple of days and I take it down I get volume and length…. but I do understand the shrinkage it Is real …. well into the next post…..good day

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