How it all started

Hello everyone 😊

So many people get caught up with how much history they have with someone that they don’t want to start over. Don’t get me wrong, I was also that person a few years ago. To give you all a little background, I was on and off with my ex-boyfriend for five years (middle & high school). Back then I swore I was going to marry him one day (thank God that didn’t happen). It’s weird when you think back at someone you used to love and not feel anything for them anymore, when at some point in your life you would have done anything to make them happy. But that was the problem. I was doing everything to make him happy, but he wasn’t doing the same. I was only going back/staying with him because I was comfortable. After I graduated high school and he did the one thing I never thought he would, I knew I could not go back to him. We were going to different colleges, so I thought to myself “a new start is what I need”. But I never thought my first semester of college would change the rest of my life forever.

Feel free to comment if you’ve went through a similar situation.

Thanks for reading, xoxo

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