Growth ๐ŸŒฑ

Hello everyone! I was going through my hair photos and was realizing how much my hair has grown. Last week I took a photo after I washed my hair (usually I take photos on wash days to record growth) and I was amazed at how long my hair is (now when it dries, that’s a different story because of shrinkage). My hair feels so healthy and next week will be 1 year and 5 months since I big chopped my hair. Time has flown! I’m looking forward to my 2 year mark to see how long my hair will be then. Of course length doesn’t mean everything because I like my hair to be healthy as well.

Below is a picture of my growth from September 2017 to last week Feb 2018

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Wash and go vs twist/braid out

Hello my naturalistas. I’m sure most, if not all, know what a wash and go is. For those that don’t, wash and go is when you don’t twist, braid, flat twist, etc after you wash your hair. If you big chopped or have a teeny weenie afro (twa), wash and go’s are probably your best friend because of how quick and easy it is to literally wash your hair and go. On the other hand, if your hair is a bit longer than a twa, wash and go’s probably aren’t as quick and easy as it use to be when your hair was shorter. I’m personally a wash&go naturalista or should I say wash&style naturalista. It takes me an hour just to apply product to my hair after I’ve washed it. Like mentioned in my previous post, I finger rake the product through my hair then let it air dry. I’ve tried to do a twist out once and my results after were horrible. I’ve never tried it again. Of course one time shouldn’t determine if I’m not a twist/braid out naturalista, but it was just sooooo time consuming and my arms were tired!! I will say this though, kudos to all my naturalistas that do twist outs, braid outs, etc because that definitely takes dedication! I someday hope I’ll be able to do twist/braid outs on my hair because I do love the volume others have from doing it. With wash and go’s, you usually have a lot of shrinkage, defined curls but less volume.

Below is a picture of my twists the one time I did it. What do you think?

Are you a wash and go or twist/braid out naturalista? Feel free to comment ๐Ÿค—

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Wash Day ๐Ÿ˜…

Before I was “natural”, I never put much thought into washing my hair. I would just wash my hair, condition it, blow dry it, then flat iron it. Simple. It would only take 30 minutes maybe an hour at the most. But when I went “natural”, everything was completely different. I literally have to plan when I will wash my hair. I have to make sure I have hours of free time in the day, make sure I don’t have school or work and that I don’t plan on going anywhere that day. I literally have to have a whole day off just to wash my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love washing my hair. I just never would’ve thought it would be so time-consuming. I prefer wash and go’s so a wash day for me consists of: shampooing my hair 2-3 times, a hot oil treatment w/q-redew steamer (15-20 min), deep condition w/q-redew steamer (30 min), leave in conditioner, oil, then styling product (LOC method). After I apply my styling product, I finger rake it through my hair (which takes me an hour to do) and then let it air dry.

These are pictures of my hair after I apply my styling product.

As you can see, my curls are loose when my hair is wet and when it dries, it coils up like the picture below that I’ve previously posted.

Feel free to comment what your wash day consists of ๐Ÿ˜Š

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โ€œNaturalโ€ hair types

Everyone knows when you’re “natural” you always get the “what’s your hair type”. Most of us don’t even know what the hair types are. So I’ll inform you. The hair types vary from Type 1-Type 4. Many “naturals” are usually Type 3-4 (of course that’s not always the case). Type 3 hair is mainly curly while Type 4 hair is kinky/coily. I’ve known some people with Type 4 hair that has received backlash because of how tight their coils/kinks are. I believe it has something to do with everyone praising loose curls (Type 3 hair), so those who have Type 4 hair feel like their coils/kinks aren’t good or pretty enough because no one really gives Type 4 hair any credit. I wish more people would not divide naturalistas by what grade of hair they have. We are all “natural” and should come together as one. I love all types of “natural” hair because it just shows how unique our hair is.

Personally, I believe I am a mixture of Type 3 and 4. Some areas of my hair have loose curls while other areas have tighter coils.

This is a picture of my hair with no product

And this is a picture of my hair months ago with product

I love my “natural” hair and I wouldn’t want it any other way. When you love and take care of your hair, it shows.

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A Few Months In

So after I did the big chop, I was still getting used to being “natural” and doing my hair. I wasn’t sure what products to use, so I did research on Google. I tried so many products and nothing was doing right to my hair. I felt like nothing was moisturizing it nor bringing my curls to life. It was a struggle. Watching videos also didn’t help because even if you bought the products they used and tried it on your hair, it didn’t turn out the same. After months had gone by, I came upon Palmers Coconut Oil brand and fell in love with it. It curled my hair on its own and I didn’t have to do anything with it. That’s when I realized wash&go’s was the thing for me. I used this product for many months until my hair grew longer and wanted to try something else. I was back to where I started unsure about product I should use.

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โ€œNaturalโ€ vs perms

When I got perms, dealing with my hair was a breeze. It was straight and I didn’t have to do anything to it. I would comb it down and go about my day and at night would wrap it and go to sleep. But when I went natural, it seems like I was open to another realm of hair life. I will say though, before I went “natural”, I never had to do my hair. I always went to a hairstylist (a family member) and got it done. So I had to deal with doing my hair all on my own (I didn’t want them doing my hair). I did a bunch of research on the Internet and was trying to figure out what products were good for “natural” hair. Then I found out there were different grades of “natural” hair. So that was an issue because I wasn’t sure what grade of hair I had. Everything was so overwhelming and I thought to myself “wow, who knew being “natural” was this hard”. For whatever reason I thought being “natural” was going to be so much easier. Boy was I wrong.

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New look, new me?

So I was loving the new look I had. It felt so rejuvenating and for some reason I actually felt like a new person. For so many years, I let my hair define me and I thought I had to have long hair (for whatever reason). The fact that I cut all my hair off and felt good about it afterwards was life changing for me. I played the song “I am not my hair” over and over because that’s how I truly felt. It was such a great feeling being able to wake up and not worry about how I was going to do my hair. That’s the biggest thing I miss about my big chop. Now although I didn’t have much hair, questions still arise about what I would do with it. This was my first time being fully “natural”. I didn’t know what products to use, how often I should wash my hair, how to style it, etc. Then it dawned on me that being “‘natural” was way harder than getting perms.

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