Product junkie?

Okay for those of us who are “natural” you probably know what being a product junkie is. For those of you who aren’t “natural” or just don’t know what the term is if you are, it means a person who buys a bunch of hair products. I was a product junkie. I’ve tried so many things, I can’t even remember everything that I’ve tried. It is definitely not a good habit to have especially if you don’t have a sufficient amount of funds. When I became “natural” and I went to a Beauty supply store and seen all the products for natural hair, I was shocked. I did not know there were so many brands for people who are “natural”. I think it is a good thing and a bad thing. One I believe it is a good thing because it gives us variety and you can try different things on your hair to see what works best for you. I believe it is a bad thing for that same exact reason. Because there are so many products people do tend to become a product junkie just so they can see if it will work for them. Thankfully I am no longer a product junkie! For those of you who are product junkies and hope to get past it, stay strong you will get through it. On the other hand, those of you who like being product junkie’s, more power to you.

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Thanks for reading xoxo