“Natural” hair stages

There are many stages of “natural” hair as your hair grows. There’s the transitioning stage, the big chop, teeny-weeny afro (TWA), awkward stage, shoulder-length, etc. Of course all these stages may not apply to you depending on your hair journey.

  1. The transitioning stage: this is the stage where you still have perm/chemicals in your hair and you decide to just get your ends clipped and let the perm grow out on it’s own. Most, if not all, naturalistas go through this stage. Some may only transition for a few months, while others transition for years to finally be perm free (yay). How long you’ll have to transition depends on how much chemicals are in your hair, how fast your hair grows and how often you’re getting your ends clipped. I personally only transitioned for 6 months.
  2. Big chop stage: this stage is pretty self-explanatory, but I will tell you anyway. This stage is when you chop off all the perm or chemicals that are left in your hair. Not everyone’s big chop look the same. Some people big chop and only have an inch or two of hair, while others can big chop and have more than 3-4 inches of hair. How long you transition (if you transition) also determines how much you will have to chop off. As mentioned in previous posts, I did the big chop after transitioning for 6 months.
  3. Teeny-weeny afro (TWA) stage: this is the stage where most naturalistas are wondering when or if they’ll get out of it (lol). It’s when you have a teeny-weeny afro. This stage can also be misleading. Some naturalistas have a teeny-weeny afro because they chose to big chop, whereas others have a teeny-weeny afro because they have major shrinkage (I’ll make a post about that later). Everyone’s hair grows differently, so there is no exact timeframe when you will be out of this stage. Some may only be in this stage for a few months, while others may be in this stage for years.
  4. Awkward stage: this stage literally speaks for itself. It’s when your hair isn’t technically a TWA anymore, but it’s not exactly long enough for any other stage. You’re kind of in the middle. Most people may not even know if they’re in the awkward stage. I think you only find out when you try to do certain hairstyles. For example, when my hair was in the TWA stage, I was able to do a side part just fine. Now that my hair is longer, the side part isn’t working for me anymore. Most naturalistas hate this stage (those that try to do twist/braid outs), but since I do wash and go’s, I don’t really mind it.
  5. Shoulder/bra/mid-back stage: These stages also speak for themselves. Shoulder length is when your hair touches your shoulders, bra strap length is when it reaches your bra strap and mid-back stage is when your hair reaches your mid back. With these stages, most naturalistas are doing length checks to determine what stage they are in. My goal is to be mid-back length.

Feel free to comment what stages you went through in your “natural” journey and what your hair goal is.

Thanks for reading xoxo