Top 20 Shopping List for Naturalistas

Hey my naturalistas 😊 This post is a list of things I or other naturalistas use for our “natural” hair. *TETO = to each their own

  1. Shampoo (preferably sulfate-free, but we all have different hair so TETO)
  2. Conditioner (I personally don’t use regular conditioner, TETO)
  3. Hot oil treatment (I buy mine, but some make theirs. TETO)
  4. Deep conditioner (I buy my deep conditioner, but some uses their regular conditioner as deep conditioner. Others make theirs. TETO)
  5. Leave in conditioner (I buy mine, some make theirs. TETO)
  6. Oils
  7. Creams (I use creams)
  8. Butters (I haven’t tried butters yet)
  9. Gels (I’ve used gels before, not a fan of them. TETO)
  10. Shower caps (for hot oil treatment, deep conditioner)
  11. Q-redew steamer (for hot oil treatment, deep conditioner; may make a post about this later)
  12. Wide tooth comb (I use this)
  13. Denman brush (I’ve tried a denman brush and it doesn’t work for my hair. My curls are already tight and it just made them tighter. TETO)
  14. Satin scarf/bonnet/pillowcase (I use a bonnet)
  15. Spray bottle (Mine only has water, some have leave in conditioner and/or oils in theirs. TETO)
  16. Clips (to section hair when washing or when styling)
  17. Blow dryer (I don’t use a blow dryer, TETO)
  18. Protein treatment (I use to do a protein treatment often, now not so much. I need to start back though)
  19. Ponytail holders
  20. Pick (mine is more of a scalp massager)

Feel free to comment if I left something out or if you use any or all of these.

Thanks for reading xoxo